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Gefei Fan

Graphics      UX design      illustration 

The combination of aesthetics and creativity is UX Design. For 12 years of my life, I have spent time studying painting, design, and video editing. Since I was a child until now, I have dreamed almost every day, dreaming of some very creative stories. After I wake up, I even take a memo to write them down. I love watching movies and science fiction, and I like to explore stories that are different from others. Sometimes I draw scenes from novels and make them into picture books.
When I thought I wanted to be an illustrator or a film art scene painter, the fierce competition in China made me choose design as my major. However, with my curiosity and creativity, I still hope to be engaged in a creative and innovative industry, which will make me feel excited and energetic. After learning UX, I found that I love the process of exploring user needs and the creation of storytelling, and I can come up with more interesting ideas based on user needs by learning more about my users.

My Work

Follow me App– Your travel planner
UX design

"Follow me" is a virtual tour guide app. When travelers don't have time to make travel plans, it can generate a perfect travel route for them according to their scenic spot selection, and guide them to the scenic spot through navigation in case they miss out on attractions. It can also provide introductions and voiceovers at each attraction visited in the language of the user's choice when they travel the world. When the travelers have finished their journeys, they can share their travel stories and experiences with other travelers on "Follow me". The mission of  “Follow me” is to help users to save their money and time, and simplify their journey when they are around the world.


Keep healthy in a pandemic – Personal dr.
UX design

 The pandemic has displaced many people, some separated from their families in two countries. Some have taken time off from the workplace to care for their home-schooled children. Above all, people want to keep tabs on their family's health to ensure they are safe during a pandemic. In the hottest technology, nanorobots could be implanted in people to monitor their health. From this technology trend, I came up with a bold idea. If almost everyone can use nanorobots to check human health in the future, then I can design an APP. It will be able to display specific health data detected by nanorobots and respond to people's dangerous situations in real time. In addition, it can also serve as a nutritionist to recommend foods for people's bodies.

Cinema App -Moving seats in the cinema
UX design

According to statistics, the impact of the pandemic on cinemas has been huge, with movie ticket sales almost 10 percent higher than they were before the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, cinemas have had to sell tickets separated by empty seats at a safe distance. However, the fun of going to the cinema is to talk about the film with people, and people want to sit and watch the film with their family or friends. For this reason, my idea is a cinema where the seats move. The number of connected seats will be chosen by the user, and each set will be separated by a safe distance.

Music App redesign

A project to redesign a music app

The book of lost things
Book illustration & video

This is a dark fairy tale picture book based on Ireland writer John Connolly’s 《the book of lost things》. Those classical fairy tale characters become so alive in John’s novel, I chose two chapters in this novel, the adaption of 《snow white and the seven dwarfs》.

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